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What's your excuse?

  •  I have tried and failed soooo many times.
  •  I am going to have to work through retirement. Ugh.
  •  How do I be like THAT PERSON?
  •  I have NOTHING to offer. No real skills.
  •  I honestly want to help others.
  •  I get excited, and then I die on the vine.  
  •  Seriously, I don't need to be a millionaire... How about a piddly $5000 per mo.  That would be AWESOME!
  •  Wait... I am actually too busy to make time right now.
  •  How much do I gotta spend?
  •  Wish someone would REALLY team up and do this WITH me.
  •  I'm actually pretty happy.  We're fine.
  •  Just not interested. 

Blog of Awesome
Everything awesome in life!  
I am 54 years old.   My career has been in theatre... started in community theatre, worked up to teach at a university, joined Cirque du Soleil, then began freelancing for other production companies around the world.  

Problem is... I have NO retirement.  NO savings (I spend everything I make). And no real hope of getting free. Soooooo...

I am jumping off a cliff... wings will grow... now?  I have NO computer genius.  I have no product or book or ... even an idea.   Well, maybe an idea now.   But with all that hope and dream comes a bag full of self doubt, fear, lack of money to invest, and not really enough time to devote to mastering anything new.

But WHAT IF?  What if... I don't try? I know exactly where I will be in 5 years.   Another show.   Long hours.  And still no hope of retiring.   I'm gonna be working until I die!

Damn it!

"I would like to wake up, have my coffee, meditate or yoga a bit, walk my daughter to school, have a good workout... and THEN I am ready to go to work.... 1:00pm.   Work hard! Love it.   um.... 3:00 and I am ready to go now.  Pick up my daughter, walk home, admire the day's school art, some play time, help with dinner (BBQ!), and then some good reading time."

 I don't want to be THAT guy.   Do I HAVE to be that guy?   Can I do something about it?

I am busting with excitement, hope, fear and skepticism, willingness... I will NOT be that guy!   And what will bring any person the greatest adventure in life, is to make those changes... and even moreso, help others to BREAK FREE also.   That's where the greatest fulfillment lies, I believe. 

AND ON TOP OF THAT, the synergy of shared ideas and effort ALWAYS yield a result greater than the sum of it's parts.

CONDITION 1:  You don't want to, or need to, "convince" anyone to join you.   Bad idea!!!  I don't want to, or need to, convince YOU.   If I don't resonate with you, find someone who does!   Attract it!  Everyone wants success, and they will seek it out and embrace whatever it is that resonates with them.   There are billions of people out there.... However YOU define "success," don't think for a moment that there aren't enough fish in the ocean to get you there.

CONDITION 2: KNOW THAT YOU DESERVE AND CAN ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM!!!!  This is a daily exercise to keep yourself excited and committed, especially in the first months.   My webinar will give you the simple exercises to "awaken the giant within."
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